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BeginnerChci začít v reklamě a nasbírat zkušenosti

JuniorNebude to můj první job, ale ještě se chci hodně naučit

IntermediateNejsem už junior, ale ještě nejsem úplně senior

SeniorZkušenosti jsem již nasbíral, budete se na mě moci spolehnout

LeadUž jsem si co to odskákal, chci vést lidi a podělit se o své zkušenosti

  • Díky moc!

    Všechno se nám nahrálo a poslalo

    Jestli splňuješ všechny naše požadavky, tak se ti stopro ozveme!


    No departments, no bullshit. With partners friends

    Departments? No thank you!

    We believe an amazing idea can come from anyone. That’s why we don’t separate people into departments. Idea makers, art directors, account and social media managers, media planners and developers all coexist in agile teams that could easily function as standalone agencies.

    Listen. Ask. Learn. Than talk...

    Madmen era is over. There is no place for arrogance in business. We don’t start working until we fully understand what you need. We listen and ask a lot of questions before we have anything to say. We believe that this saves us (and you) enormous amounts of time and money.

    No assholes in da house

    It may sound pathetic, but we are building a kind of family here. We want to have good time together. In work, after work, on ski trips, BBQs, or summer holidays with a floating flamingo on the sea.

    We’re keepers

    The longer we cooperate, the better we get at solving your problems. Some of our clients have been with us for more than seven years.

    Excitment is our highest card

    When we hire, we look for intelligence, excitment and passion. Everything else can be learned.

    Want something different? There's still hope.

    If you think we're a perfect match, let us know what we can do together and we'll get back to you!