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Show us how you lick your lollipop and pass it along!

Show us how you lick your lollipop and pass it along!

We created a Tik-Tok challenge with Chupa Chups that satisfied even the trickiest target audience there is - teenagers. 

Teenagers hate when brands on social media try to tell them what to do. They simply hate ads in general. So, what else is there to do when you need to reach out to them? Forget about traditional channels. Simply head-out to a place where they go for entertainment – Tik-Tok – and figure out a daring challenge for them. 

Say hello to #Lololo challenge. 

Together with famous Czech Tik-Tokers we have launched a very simple challenge – show us how you lick and send it along. Hundreds of teenagers immediately joined in and soon we have created the longest chain of lollipop licking ever.

Campaign case study (EN subs)

Videos with #Lololochallenge got 2.4 millions impressions with absolutely zero media investment. Teenagers have created over 5 000 custom video responses. And to do that, they needed to buy our lollipop, didn't they? 

#Lololochallenge received over 280 000 hearts and comments on Tik-Tok. Price per interaction was 10 times lower compared to Instagram and Facebook – including paid co-op with influencers.

Compilation of user generated content

And that is how we successfully got lollipop-licking back into the game. 

Learn more about the strategy behind the campaign and insights about teenage audience in Barbora Ivánová's blogpost Don't let teenagers "OK-Boomer" you.

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