Try to be faster than IKEA

Try to be faster than IKEA

To show the wide range of IKEA products we matched them with trending topics on internet in a matter of minutes.

Long gone are the times were people used to seek entertainment on Facebook. Instead of having fun, people are often hit by tons of boring or irrelevant product ads. IKEA took a different path. Together, we decided to bring back fun into brand communication and started rolling out real-time response post to trending topics and entertain the community on Facebook once again.

Campaign case study

Client and agency partnership really does matter

You can never have a successful relationship without mutual trust and dedication. That's how it is between client and agency with real-time response content on social media as well. The process needs to take just a couple of hours since we see a suitable trending topic, draft the content, approve it until we publish and promote it. 

Needless to say, IKEA's huge range of products makes it quite natural to match a product with a topic in an entertaining way.

You know immediately whether you hit the spot or not.

20 x

higher interaction rate compared to standard ads.


organic reach while 1,6% is standar nowadays.

People love the real-time content and spread it along instantly. 

Response rate for our posts is 20x higher compared to standard branded posts. While 1,6% of organic reach is a standard on Facebook nowadays, we reach up to 60% thanks to a very high number of interactions.                                     

Besides consumers, media and marketing specialists have appreciated the content as well and IKEA's real-time communication became an inspiration for a whole market. 

"IKEA spot-on and up-to-date once again"

We were stoked to win a price for real-time marketing on Flema media awards 2019 and Fenix Content marketing 2019. Learn more about the background of IKEA's response posts in Michaela Brůhova's blog post here (CZ only).

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