Are you missing something? Lucky you!

Are you missing something? Lucky you!

We have created a flexible TV spot template with 50 variations. That's enough for 2 years of airing without any additional shootings. 

TETA has a strong, loyal customer base and cannot afford a radical change of communication. Evolution and continuity in communication is needed in order to stay relevant to customer base. A delicate balance of emotions, image building and hard sell is a must - and that is exactly what we have done for TETA! 

TV spot (EN subs)

Did you run out? 

Thank's to perfect understanding of target audience, we have found a strong shopper insight: "Women look forward to going to the drug store, because besides goods they need for their household, they usually buy something pleasant for themselves as well. Even a stop for washing powder can end up in a pleasant experience." 

Key visual "Did you run out?"

Our concept and TVC has significantly increased the brand's likeability – and not just within primary target audience. We’ve attracted younger people as well.

We understand the need for flexibility in a hard sell layer of communication. Our long - lasting variable TV spot template which allows to easily combine different consumer insights with different products with no need for additional shooting at all. 

With efficient production preparations we have managed to produce over 50 variations of the spot within 2 shooting days.

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