Triad and Míša take you to the quark mountain

Triad and Míša take you to the quark mountain

Have you ever as a child wondered what it would be like to have an ice cream for a snack? Wouldn’t that feel like a dream? From the world of children’s imagination comes a new campaign promoting a healthy snack targeted at parents and children alike. 

With this new spot and under our guidance, Unilever kicks off a 3-year long marketing concept and strategy for Czechia and Slovakia based around fantasies of the little ones. The new strategy brings a consistent look & feel to Míša’s previous fragmented communication.

Our Míša Mišánek hero video

Hero spot featuring paper-like environments and a playful colour scheme explores an adventurous journey towards a tasty, yet healthy snack and was created using a combination of greenscreen footage of actors, 3D animation and clips from real locations. Together with Nice! Film, who have also prepared a little behind-the-scenes showcase, emerged a commercial that will be further supported by communication on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, as well as in off-trade.

Check out some behind the scenes footage, courtesy of Nice! Film 👇

Based on the 15th point - "Life on Land" from United Nation's sustainable development goals, Míša is also continuing its initiatives aimed at improving the environment. This year, owi to the partnership with Partnerství foundation and "Planting the future" programme, Míša aims to plant 10 milion trees in the Czech Republic. Similar, environment-oriented goals, will be achieved in Slovakia together with Ekopolis foundation.
Planting the Future initiative

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